1. Dyscalculia Screening Questionnaire

1. Dyscalculia Screening Questionnaire

Dyscalculia Screening Questionnaire is skillfully designed using a qualitative questionnaire that aims to gather unique viewpoints, personal encounters, and individual interpretations of difficulties related to mathematics.

The questions are based on well-researched traits commonly associated with dyscalculia.

This screener is employed as a first step, either for making a preliminary assessment or for recommending further evaluation specifically for dyscalculia.

Upon completion, this questionnaire generates an all-encompassing easy-to-read report presenting a wealth of valuable dyscalculia indicators while also delivering recommendations that warrant specific areas for further investigation.

Intended for: Individual assessment, supporting pre-functional skills, career change, personal development, and overcoming difficulties with numeracy.

Age: 14 – 99 years

Average Time: 10-15 minutes

Cost: Comes as FREE as bundled with the Dyscalculia Number Sense Test.

Administration time: The questionnaire can be administered online and takes approximately 10-15 minutes.
Whilst this is a guideline, the time taken is driven by the unique neurodevelopmental profile of the pupil.

Outcome: The assessment can be used:

  • to identify if the individual is at-risk of dyscalculia.
  • by teachers, specialists, advisers and educational psychologists to support their decision making
  • to provide indicators of dyscalculia
  • to assist in decision making for further investigation or support.

Dyscalculia Screening Questionnaire can be used to screen individuals for indicators of dyscalculia so that individuals can be supported with a support plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Data Collection:

We are offering partnership with the Organisations, Colleges, Further and Higher Education to collect data toward further research and standardisation.

If your organisations wishes to participate in data collection, please contact support@multiplyscreener.co.uk


The test results are presented in simple and easy-to-use reports.
It provides a score against 8 specific areas of dyscalculia and maths difficulties, with recommendations for further investigation.

The report can be used with additional templates to audit for SEND co-occurring condition to support Access to Work justification.

Access to Work:

Included in the screener are a set of templates to assist in auditing of SEN co-occurring conditions and observations to support accommodations and adjustment recommendations.

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