3. Cognitive Subtests

(Coming Soon!) Dyscalculia Cognitive Subtests comprises of a set of selected online assessments aimed at understanding an individual’s cognitive abilities, identifying areas of difficulty, and guiding their interventions and accommodations to support development and functioning.

The resulting reports offer performance measures that, in conjunction with the Self Perception Questionnaire and Number Sense Profile test, can help in facilitating accommodations and adjustments for individuals.

Cognitive tests include:

  • Auditory Digit Span
  • Verbal Digit Span
  • Number Facts Fluency
  • Naming
  • etc. tests most relevant at profiling dyscalculia.

Intended for: Providing appropriate support that promotes the student’s learning and academic success while respecting the individual’s strengths and needs.

Age: 14 – 99 years

Average Time : 1-2 minutes each sub-test

Age: 14- Adults. Can be used for pupils in Secondary schools, Colleges, Further  Education and Higher Education or within organisations.

Administration time: Test can be administered online and takes approximately 1-2 minutes.
Whilst this is a guideline, the time taken is driven by the unique neurodevelopmental profile of the pupil.

Who is it aimed at? The assessment can be used:

  • to identify specific cognitive capacities influence towards dyscalculia.
  • by teachers, specialists, advisers and educational psychologists to support their decision making
  • to provide cognitive skills measures.
  • to assist in decision making for additional support.
SEN Support / Access to Work

Below are a set of templates to assist in capturing co-occurring SEN conditions, test observations to support accommodations and adjustment recommendations.

What to do next?

Collect all the evidence of dyscalculia from the screener, number sense profile and the optional cognitive subtests and present these findings towards the Access to Work process to help with adjustments and accommodations.

Or, simply present the results to you maths instructor/tutor to help them identify areas of focus and personalised program of work.